Small-Family size Biogas plants

Our uniquely designed biogas plant – JUGNOO©™ is suitable for rural as well as urban environment.

It is designed to replace LPG/PNG (conventional energy source) for household requirement.

Our plant is capable to handle not just cattle dung, but also other waste like food waste / Kitchen waste, poultry waste etc. This feature makes such plants more suitable for urban environment too.  

Compact design, easy installation and hurdle less operation makes the plant more preferable compared to any other plant.

Our small size plants are portable and easy to install. It is a Do It Yourself (DIY) plants come with installation manual and kit.


  • Households
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Housing societies



  • UV resistant, long lasting, pre-fabricated.
  • Requires no civil work. Easy assembly
  • Easy to relocate from one place to another.
  • Compact size fits in 8 ft X 8 ft space.
  • Built-in: 1) particle capture chamber, 2) auto-draining condensate chamber, 3) Internal Stirrer, 4) weights
  • Manual Food crusher (Optional)
  • Multiple units can be connected in series for more waste
  • Provides organic fertilizer for kitchen garden.


  • Economical: A complete “Ready-to-go” solution that would work for decade or more without requiring much maintenance. The lowest “cradle-to-grave” cost in the market place.
  • Social: Replaces wood or cow-dung by clean-burning natural gas, thus freeing women of tedious chores and allowing working in smoke -free environment.
  • Environmental: Converts “waste” into valuable energy and fertiliser.  Reduces Green house Emissions.  This is your positive statement to the world that you care about the environment.