ETP Gas Recovery Projects

We are industry leader and specialist in recovering biogas from existing ETP plants and implementing novel end-use solutions. Our team of engineers has successfully implemented solutions at various reputed dairies across India like

Gas storage balloon at SUMUL, Surat
  • Sumul Dairy in Surat,
  • Parle Biscuit Factory, Nimrana in Rajasthan,
  • Banas Dairy Palanpur
  • Mother Dairy, Pilkuva
  • Dudhdhara Dairy, Bharuch

If you are the in the dairy or food processing or in any other industry having anaerobic ETP plant, you have potential to reduce your energy bill significantly.

The ETP gas can have various applications depending upon client needs. Our team of experts analyses the energy consumption pattern and explores various options for ETP gas uitilzation with minimum capital investment and maximum reduction in energy bill. Various options for ETP gas utilization are as follows.

Option 1: Thermal Application

Dairies and food processing units generally have boilers with significant energy consumption. The ETP gas can be utilized in any existing boiler with some modifications. This is one of the most efficient way of utilizing ETP Gas. Monetary value of saving in fuel can be in Crors of rupees per year depending upon ETP size. Payback period of such project ranges in 2-3 Months. i.e instant return on investment with long term profit.

Other thermal application can be as replacement of LPG / PNG in central kitchen, or in colony or staff quarters through pipeline. Flow meter can be installed to measure gas consumption at each point.

Option 2: Electricity Generation using 100% biogas based generator

Industries, where there is limited thermal application of ETP gas, the recovered gas can be converted in to electricity. This would reduce the electricity bill significantly.

Option 3: Purification and bottling

If there is an access ETP gas or little opportunity to utilize other conventional energy sources, the ETP gas can be converted into Bio-CNG. This Bio-CNG can be used as vehicular fuel or replacement of LPG/ PNG. Since, Bio-CNG has very similar composition compared to CNG, it can be used as CNG without affecting performance.

Recovery and utilization of ETP gas is non-conventional source of energy and hence, reduces carbon footprint. It helps building green image.

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