Mid size Biogas plants

Plant size ranging from 25 cum upto 500 cum are covered under mid size plants. Technology for the plant can be selected based on quantity and type of raw material. Biogas plant can be built using technologies such as KVIC, Nisarguna, UASB, CSTR, etc.

Since 2006, we have been providing solutions to Goshalas, Panjarapoles, Industrial Canteens, hotels etc to treat the waste in a systematic manner to convert it into renewable energy.

We are authorized contractor of Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA) for construction of Institutional biogas plants under IBP Scheme. We are also empanelled vendor of Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA) for biogas power / Thermal projects. We are also approved contractor of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre- BARC for NISARGUNA biogas plant based on biodegradable waste.

The Gujarat Government provides subsidy for construction of Biogas plants under Institutional Biogas plant (IBP) scheme.  All registered institutions having sufficient feed material are eligible to avail benefit of the scheme.

The financial assistance is provided to the extent of 75 % to the non-profitable category (i.e. Gaushala / Panjrapole, Temple, Educational Institution’s Student hostel, etc ) & 50% financial assistance to the profit making category ( i.e. Hotels / Restaurants, Industrial canteen, Dudh dairy, Sugar industry, Agro food processing Industry , industrial solid & liquid waste, water hyacinth, garden waste / fallen leaves / alternative feed stock etc.).

Financial Assistance is also available from Central Government through MNRE for biogas plants in all the states across India.



  • Cattle dung : Gaushals, Panjarapoles, Cattle hostels, etc
  • Food waste : Hotels, Food processing Industries, Industrial canteens, Educational Institutes, Dairies
  • Poultry waste, Slaughter house waste, other waste



  • Thermal application – As replacement of LPG / PNG in Canteen, Boilers, etc., Vehicular fuel as replacement of CNG
  • Power generation


Sr. No. Plant Capacity (cum per day) Initial Caw Dung Feeding (MT) No. of Cattle Dung Requirement (Kg/day) Cooking Gas for No. of Person Bio-manure Production (MT/year)
1 25 25.8 50-60 500-600 100 65
2 35 36.56 80-90 800-900 140 90
3 45 46.84 110-120 1100-1200 180 110
4 60 63.22 140-160 1400-1600 240 150
5 85 86.54 200-220 2000-2200 340 230