Techno-Commercial Feasibility Study

Start Up and Commissioning

Operation & Maintenance

Techno-Commercial Feasibility Study

Thinking of setting up a biogas plant is a good beginning. However, it requires several steps and procedure to make it success. To make the Biogas business success, it is necessary to undertake a detailed techno economic study before investing a huge amount of money.

We with our highly experienced team with over 100 years of combined renewable energy experience, we offer a unique combination of both biological and mechanical/technical knowledge, allowing independent advice and guidance at each level of project execution.

Our techno economic service covers all aspects necessary for success of new business venture. It covers – availability of raw material, suitability of raw material for bio-methanation project, technology selection, market for end product, compliance with Government policies, rules and regulations.

Consultancy service – Technical, Financial, Legal

  • Area Prospecting & Detailed Feasibility Analysis
  • Customized System Design
  • System design improvement
  • Analyses & lab-scale digestion tests
  • Process control & optimization
  • Electromechanical support
  • Automation
  • System Monitoring and optimization
  • Financial & process technical advice
  • Turnkey Installation and Commissioning
  • Modification /continuous feed back