• To streamline the use of Renewable Energy sources for energy conservation and energy independence.
  • To restore hope and promote sustainable community development through our renewable energy concepts.
  • To decrease dependency on conventional sources of energy, reduce demand – supply gap by promoting Renewable energy sources.
  • To make a provision of green and modern energy services to all on a sustainable basis.
  • To provide access to energy based on RE for sustainable development leading to creation of green jobs.
  • To become a leader in heralding a green energy revolution aiming at energy security, climate change mitigation, green jobs and sustainability through increased reliance on renewable energy.

Company Profile

We ranks among the leading biogas plant builders in India. Our service portfolio covers all fields of biogas technology, from design, planning and plant construction all the way to maintenance. Savable and decentralized allocations of energy are the outstanding features in producing biogas. Our own project team appraises the floor space required, the existing substrates and the exact process flow .We are engaged in rendering services for designing, manufacturing, erection and commissioning of biogas plants.  

We are engaged in serving the nation by way of providing its product and service in the field of renewable energy and has experience in biogas field.

Looking at potential for biogas generation and prevailing vacuum for technology, we have developed new technology to overcome the limitations of the existing technologies not only for biogas generation but also for enriching the biogas to make it equivalent to CNG.

Today with our team of experts, we are able to execute full range of engineering services for biogas to provide tailor-made solution to its customers. Starting with initial technology consultancy, feasibility study, the construction stages up to the commissioning, service and maintenance.Its one stop shop for all operations involved in a biogas plant.